Pack Rats – Santa Isn’t the Only Thing on Your Rooftop

Pack Rat Damage in Attic
Pack Rat Damage in Attic

Simple fixes can keep pack rats out of your attic area. Please see the picture shown here because it reveals a hole that pack rats use to get access into your home. If you think you’re hearing noises at night in your attic area, please have it checked out by a pest control professional.

I know I’ve said it before, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure there are no entry points by covering any holes, such as the soffit vents, with wire screen. Also try to keep all landscaping materials cut back away from the home. Rodents will often use trees or tall shrubs adjacent to the roof to gain access to your roof top.

Author: Kody

1 thought on “Pack Rats – Santa Isn’t the Only Thing on Your Rooftop

  1. Nice article, Kody. Roof rats, pack rats, rats in general are a real issue in Arizona. We had them in our roof tiles over the front patio. The notes above are great prevention tips, plus we used bait stations around the perimeter to kill off the varmints!

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