Common Arizona Pests

Common Pests Found in the Verde Valley and Prescott Valley

To help you learn about the common types of pests we have in the Verde Valley and Prescott Valley, as well as most of Arizona, we’ve put together information about them here. Use the links below to see more detailed information about each pest.

Insect Pests

Rodent Pests

  • Bats

    In Arizona we have 28 species of Bats. They are protected by the state of Arizona.
  • Rats
  • Gophers

Other Mammal Pests

  • Skunks

    Skunks are omnivorous meaning they will eat just about anything and are often found getting into pet food when left outside. They are shy by nature and of course when agitated can defend themselves with musk glads located in the anus.


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