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Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillars have yellow faces. They are wider at the head and neck than at the rear. They have small eyespots behind…

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Be careful when cleaning out storage areas of Black Widow spiders.

During a routine termite inspection in Sedona last week I came across a few spiders. The majority of them being black widows. So I thought…

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Elegant Bush Katydid

  The Elegant Bush Katydid lives in the Sonoran desert among the desert scrub. They feed on various desert plants but do take a likeing…

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Bees in a attic

You really never know what you will find doing this job. The other day Mark was doing a routine termite inspection and found  a large…

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Blister Beetle

Blister beetles get their name because of they have a defensive secretion made up of cantharidin. There are over 7000 species.

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Banded Alder Borer Beetle

Living in the high desert of Arizona you come across some strange insects. This fun looking insect is called the Banded Alder Borer Beetle.

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Ladybug Larva

Farmers named the beetles “the Beetles of our lady” and they later became known as ladybugs.

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Tarantula Hawk Photos

I saw a Tarantula Hawk (a big black wasp) hunting for tarantulas in some rocks in a customers’ garden. Here are some photos.

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Owlet Moth

The moth shown here is referred to as the Black Witch. It’s in the family of moths known as owlets.

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Yellow Garden Spider

The thing that really makes this spider interesting is the zig zag pattern it makes in its web (please see picture).

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