Some people argue whether skunks are related to the weasel or not, but one thing is for sure – they stink. Male skunks have several mates during the spring time and will often harem up the females into one nest at this time. Our record for live trapping currently stands at nine from one crawl space!

Skunks are omnivorous meaning they will eat just about anything and are often found getting into pet food when left outside. They are shy by nature and of course when agitated can defend themselves with musk glads located in the anus. The main problems we have with skunks as home owners is digging up lawns, getting in crawl spaces and stinking up the neighborhood. If they are digging up your lawn our options are limited

A) You can put up a fence to keep them out
B) We can try to live trap and remove them from your area.

If you have a skunk getting under your house that’s when we can trap them out and give you an estimate to seal the structure so that it never happens again. If sprayed by a skunk many people swear by the Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and Liquid soap method (a quick Internet search will yield that recipe for you). They say its the only thing that will break down the thiol compounds that make up the skunk’s spray.