Cooler Weather Brings In the Rodents

As we start to cool down from the hottest days of summer here in the Verde Valley, I find it a great time to discuss this cooler season in the high desert. Pest control really never stops here – it just changes gears. Since we have had cooler nighttime temperatures, the rodents have been very active. Rodents like to get into our homes and will often be found in the attics and crawl space areas. See The Mess That Rodents Make When They Get Into Your House. The best method in solving this problem is to get the structure sealed to prevent further infestation.

It may seem like a cheaper alternative to put rodent bait in those areas but everything comes at a price. I get several calls a year when people use this method and then suffer from odor and fly infestations. Rodent baits placed on the exterior work very good at helping control rodent population on a home that has been sealed properly but skipping the home sealing step always results in a frustrated homeowner when the dead rodent smell appears. If you have a rodent problem, never be afraid to get several estimates and ask lots of questions. There is a coupon for a Free Rodent Inspection on our Pest Control Discounts page.

Author: Kody

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