Subterranean Termites Infesting a Bookcase in Sedona, Arizona

This was probably one of our most interesting termite jobs to date. We got called out to look at bugs infesting some magazines and a bookcase in Sedona, Arizona. The owner was going through some old copies of Arizona Highways when they discovered bugs in their books. They had not looked at these magazines in a long time and had no idea that these termites had been proud members of the Book-of-the-Month Club. We started to pull out the magazines one by one, and an active little subterranean termite colony started to appear.

The fun part for us was pulling each magazine out of the rack and dissecting their colony layer by layer. What we discovered was that termites are kind of like electricity. What I mean is they take the path of least resistance. They had come up through a small crack in the floor and started eating into the bookcase. The termites then discovered the soft cellulose that the magazines had been made of, stopped eating the bookcase, and went after the Arizona Highways magazines.

The good part the story is they did not do as much damage to the bookcase as they could have because they found something they preferred. The bad part to the story is they destroyed some vintage Arizona Highways Magazines.    

Author: Kody

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