Rain Brings High Desert Weeds

We’ve had a great monsoon season this year in the high desert and the rain is greatly appreciated. I was driving all over Yavapai County yesterday and couldn’t get over how green everything is. It made me think it would be a good time to remind folks to take care of the extra weed growth around the home because it can be a home for pests like insects, snakes, and rodents.

High Desert Pest and Weed Control

If left unattended, the decomposing plant matter can become home to lots of little critters. One example is the false chinch bug. This bug likes to feed on a high desert weed plant called the London Rocket, which is in the mustard family. When the weed is green and vibrant, the false chinch bug thrives on it and feeds. When the plant starts to dry up and we get hot and dry in the desert, these bugs start to look for higher humidity and cooler shelter. Then, you’ll find the false chinch bug all over the sides of the house. As far as being a pest they are just a nuisance and not much else, but a little prevention by cleaning up the weeds early can keep their population down.

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Author: Kody

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