Pest Control – Baiting, Dusting, Spraying or Use of Granules

Over the next few weeks we are going to cover some of the different pest control application methods and the pros and cons of them. There are many ways to accomplish the task of pest control, it just depends on what insect we are trying to control.

With Ants, Termites, Crickets and German Cockroaches, if performed correctly, baits are very effective.

Dusting works good for Insects that find harborage in cracks and crevices. 

We will cover the use of liquid formulations in controlling pests and we will go over the different formulations of SC, EC, CS & WP

Granules may not be as popular as they once were in the days of Diazinon but still can be very effective if used at the right time and for the right pest.

We have a lot of different Pests here in the high desert around Prescott and the Verde Valley and have many ways to handle them all.

Author: Kody

2 thoughts on “Pest Control – Baiting, Dusting, Spraying or Use of Granules

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