Bees in the Springtime

Beehive Underneath a Log in Prescott
Beehive Beneath a Log in Prescott

As we start to get into the full swing of spring, it’s a good time to walk around our homes and check stuff out. We find many times that beehives will go unnoticed until the foragers start to get active. In the spring, worker bees will be very busy gathering pollen from all the new flowers in the high desert.

Beehives can become very aggressive as they grow larger because the bees want to protect all their hard work. Coming in contact with a beehive is where people and animals get into trouble. Bees, when threatened in their home, will protect it in large numbers. This is when bees becomes very dangerous – they will alert the hive to attack and once agitated it takes them a long time to calm down.

Beehive in Wall in Sedona
Beehive in Wall in Sedona

Take a look at the pictures to see a couple of hives that we removed from homes in Prescott and Sedona. Always call a bee removal professional to handle any established hives around your home. Arizona Bug Company will give you a free estimate for beehive removal.

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