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Meet the Twins

One thing we really pride ourselves on here at Arizona Bug Company is our ability to create some of the nicest spray equipment around. My…

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Vesper bats in Arizona

  Vesper bats are the common bats we see flying at dusk in Arizona. They are insectivores that use echolocation to hunt.  It is quite…

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Swarming Subterranean Termites in Sedona

While working in Sedona Arizona this past week during the monsoon season we came across these subterranean termites swarming out of the ground to take…

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Blister Beetle

Blister beetles get their name because of they have a defensive secretion made up of cantharidin. There are over 7000 species.

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Black Widow Spider

My experience with the Black Widow has been – if you give her space she will run and hide from you.

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Paper Wasp

The Paper Wasp is a social insect with annual nests. The queen builds a nest using chewed wood pulp.

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Banded Alder Borer Beetle

Living in the high desert of Arizona you come across some strange insects. This fun looking insect is called the Banded Alder Borer Beetle.

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Ladybug Larva

Farmers named the beetles “the Beetles of our lady” and they later became known as ladybugs.

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Bees in the Springtime

As we start to get into the full swing of spring, it’s a good time to walk around our homes and check for hidden dangers such as beehives.

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Rodents Accessing a Crawl Space in Sedona

Rodents can access your home through the smallest of openings and will often nest in areas they find as shelter.

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