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Shieldback Katydid

A few weeks ago I posted a blog with this katydid’s vibrant green leaf mimic cousin. I wanted to post the picture of this Shieldback…

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The Walkingstick is a slow-moving, plant-eating insect that spends most of its days hiding in the very plant that it eats.

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Cicada Skin

The cicadas buzzing in the trees started life underground. When conditions are right, they crawl out of the ground and shed their exoskeleton.

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Tree Cricket

Count the number of chirps you hear from this cricket at night in thirteen seconds, then add forty to get a pretty close estimate of the temperature.

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Rhinoceros Beetle vs Hercules Beetle

Most people confuse the Rhinoceros Beetle with the Hercules Beetle, so I took a picture of them together so everyone could see the difference.

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Orb Weaver Spider

There are many variations of the orb weaver spider and their physical appearances may vary but they all construct that telltale familiar Orb web.

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