Why are Bed Bugs Making Such a Comeback?

Bed Bug Hiding in Mattress Batting
Bed Bug Hiding in Mattress Batting

Here’s another in our series of articles about bed bugs. Most of us in Arizona and the United States haven’t had to deal with bed bugs for decades. Now they’re showing up everywhere and it makes us wonder, where the heck did they come from?

Everything we read blames two things on the resurgence of the bed bug. The increase of foreign travel and the banning of DDT. It seems that back during WWII the use of DDT was one of the key ingredients at virtually eradicating this pest from the United States. But now with DDT gone by the wayside, more people traveling than ever before, and people choosing to use integrated pest management over preventive programs has given the bed bug just the edge it needed to reestablish itself. Bed bugs really don’t have anything to do with filth like some other structure infesting insects. All the bed bug needs is a place to hide and a host to feed on.

Author: Kody

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