What Attracts Bed Bugs and How Do They Feed On Us?

Bed Bug Head and Mouth
Bed Bug Head and Mouth

Our articles about bed bugs continues. Once the bed bugs are hidden away in your bedroom, how do they find you, and how do they feed on us without us noticing?

Bed Bugs are attracted to us by carbon dioxide of our exhaled breath and our body heat. If you ever look at a room that is infested by bed bugs, you will notice that the largest concentrations of them are located at the head of the bed. They prefer to feed at night in a dark room but will feed in a room that is lit up if they are hungry.

Bed Bugs use a piercing sucking mouth configuration – take a look at the microscope picture here and you can see the business end of this hungry little pest. A bedbug pierces the skin of its host and injects saliva that contains anticoagulants and anesthetics, then withdraws the blood of its host. Once they are done feeding they will return to their hiding area. You will often find black staining in these harborage areas. This is actually liquid fecal matter that stains the mattress when they excrete it.

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