Origin of the Bed Bug

Bed Bug Underside
Bed Bug Underside

Bed Bugs have been in the news a lot lately, (see our new page Bed Bugs in the News)and we’ve been getting calls about them more frequently now. So I’ve put together a few articles about bed bugs and what to do about them. To start it off, let’s talk about the origin of bed bugs.

Many people ask where the bed bug came from and the best explanation I can find is they came from caves. It seems that there is a closely related bug called the bat bug that feeds on bats found in caves. The theory is that man and bats shared these caves and that over time the bed bugs’ taste changed from bats to man. The theory is open for debate, but it is the best explanation I’ve found. Regardless, they are here and are very difficult to control if you don’t use the right equipment.

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