Orb Weaver Spider

Orb Weaver Spider Web in the High Desert
Orb Weaver Spider Web in the High Desert

Every time I see an Orb Weaver Spider and their orb web I think of Charlotte’s Web. They make a distinct spiral wheel-shaped web, or “orb,” that most people like to see. When spraying around homes I like to move these guys if they are too close to the house. There are many variations of the orb weaver spider and their physical appearances may vary but they all construct that telltale familiar Orb web. These webs can actually span up to eight feet when made by some of the larger spiders of the species.

Here in Arizona, the larger orb webs that I see average probably around two feet. The webs are constructed of a stretchy silk that they lay out in a spiral pattern. The orb weaver spider builds this web to catch flying insects. The spider pictured I believe is called the Spotted Orb Weaver.

Orbweaver Spider
Orbweaver Spider in Its Web

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