Bed Bug Infestations On the Rise

Bed bug infestations have been increasing across the country. They seem to be found primarily in hotels, motels, and resorts but we have been treating them in single and multi-family housing as well. Bed bugs are very hard to treat since they are very elusive and can live for a long time with no food source. The best thing you can do when traveling to help reduce the risk of bringing them home with you is to keep your luggage away from the bed.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere in the room but the highest concentrations tend to congregate by the headboard. Check around the mattress and box springs, paying special attention to the plastic corner protectors on the box spring. I always seem to find them hiding in the protectors if the room has them. When you get home, launder your clothing before putting it in your room and dry it on high heat. Some folks make the mistake of bringing their suitcase in the house after vacation and throwing it on the bed to unpack, giving the bugs a chance to get into and and hide in your bed. So after you’ve been traveling, keep items coming into the house away from your bed until they have been gone through to help reduce your risk of them living with you.

Bed bugs feed at night while you are sleeping. If you start to notice itchy welts on your skin and think you have a Bed Bug infestation call a pest professional, Trying to control these pests on your own generally results in frustration.

Author: Kody